San Francisco, CA – Bay Area MC Dan Wolf has released the inaugural single from his forthcoming album Blood and Bones, Skin and Scars. The track, titled “Write The Revolution,” is dubbed a revolutionary party anthem, which takes a little bit of an explanation.

“This song was hard to write because of its party anthem vibe,” Wolf admits to RealStreetRadio. “I had difficulty giving myself permission not to write about big ideas but to write about something fun. It really was about having fun and expressing the origin story of how I fell in love with Hip Hop, how I became connected to the culture and what it means in my life as a fan and a practitioner.

“I also come from this era where non-black rappers who really love the culture are deeply committed to history and truth of the culture, and it gives us a foundation for being in an art form that’s outside of our communities.”

Throughout the track, Wolf pays homage to Hip Hop’s foundation — breaking, graffiti, DJing and emceeing — and explains how the culture has shaped him as a person.

“This one is meant to lure you in with the party vibe and then once you’ve hung up your jacket and had a few drinks, you start to realize that there is a story being told about my journey into Hip Hop and how as a white Jewish boy I saw my history, my story reflected in the art form,” he explains. “I feel a deep responsibility to know my place in the culture and with that comes a desire to make sure that people are aware, sensitive and knowledgeable about the truth of the art form and the beauty of the people it comes from.”

He continues, “Also, nobody is making B-Boy anthems anymore — funky vibe. Upfront. Present vocals. Storytelling. Plus, it’s a call-to-action for the next generation. The concept of ‘the party’s over here’ is an invitation for folks to see the opportunity for some kind of intellectual revolution since everything is so dumbed down these days. It’s not about me leading a revolution but rather inviting folks into the opportunity to find a real sense of power in themselves.”

In addition to artist, Wolf is the Resident Playwright at the Playwright Foundation in San Francisco and co-founder of the Bay Area Theatre Cypher, a collective of performers who live on the cross fader of Hip Hop, theater, activism and community.

Blood and Bones, Skin and Scars will be released slowly over 2020. Until then, check out “Write The Revolution” above.

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