While Akon was born in St. Louis, he spent a good chunk of his childhood in his ancestral homeland of Senegal and has always maintained close ties with the African continent.

In a new interview, Akon explains how he believes Black Americans can make Africa a powerhouse.

“The goal is to get everybody to move back to Africa.  That’s my goal.  I want to get as many African Americans back home to Africa as I possibly can.  Because I know the day the move back, everything they fighting for in America they would not have to fight for over there.  All the struggle that they struggle over there they gonna come there with this mindset with this mentality, with the finances they built, their equity in life in bring it back and invest that in Africa, man Africa could be the strongest nation in the world,” Akon claimed.

Of course, Africa is not a country and we hope Akon knows this.  But if it was, it would have about the same population as China and India do.

Now the question becomes what kind of scam is Akon trying to pull.


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