50 Cent has had quite a life.  Came from nothing, almost died in a shooting, and became one of the more famous people in the country.

Along the way, there were women.  Many women.  Fif spoke on his success with the ladies in a chat with Men’s Health.

“2003 was so much fun. There was so much energy around me as a new artist that you can’t recreate,” 50 Cent said. “Between 2003 and 2005, I’ve seen every version of every kind of vagina out there. I kept being a guy who would have what he could have and not what he wants, and then when it shifts so fast that you go, ‘What? What happened?’ You’re not prepared for it. And they’re so excited.”

But eventually, it all got to be too much.

“And now you think you’re so hot that you’re running from the girls. The afterparty is not happening in your hotel room anymore because you have this newfound value for yourself. You’re running to be in the room by yourself.”

Stay safe.


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