Redman had a role on 50 Cent’s Power series as Theo Rollins.

But then he left the show because he wouldn’t get the COVID vaccine, which was required to work on the set.

Like, would Power have been a game changer for me? Yes. The money was good. It’s a well-known show that could’ve helped my career. But, is my health less important than being on the show? F*ck no,” Redman said. “My health is more important to me. And I had to make a choice. Either I was going to sacrifice myself with this third-world order bullshit or I just walk away.”

Savage that he is, 50 Cent reposted Redman’s rationale for leaving the show and added a mocking caption.

“He’s not lying he walked right away??‍♂️from the #1 show in African American and Latino house holds. SMH ?I took the shot fvck that. LOL,” 50 typed.

Is Redman a fool for that?


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