The rivalry between Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. is the most storied and tragic in rap history

According to one of Pac’s family members, it didn’t have to be the former

Pac’s older brother Mopreme Shakur claims Pac was a big fan of Big’s and wanted to join forces with him.

“Before things fell apart, Pac was a uniter. We knew we were from New York. We knew we were from the East Coast. And Pac liked to work with the best talent around. So, there was a period, there was a time when we was all cool,” Mopreme told AllHipHop. “There was a time when Pac wanted Biggie to be part of the East Coast faction of Thug Life ‘cause we was kicking it with each other anyway. Pac wasn’t just a hater just to be hating. He liked him”

Do you buy that?


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