Kendrick Lamar and the other anti-Drake Avengers keep suggesting Drizzy is a pedo.

By “pedo,” they mean 16—or 17-year-olds, which isn’t really pedo (or illegal in Canada) but is considered poor form.

There’s a video of a 24-year-old Drake flirting with a 17-year-old on stage that the anti-Drake faction claims is evidence of Drizzy’s sickness.

However, the girl in the video has spoken out and has exonerated him of any wrongdoing.

“I was 17 back then and I’m 31 now.  This was a concert that my dad took me to back in high-school.  Drake’s entourage actually picked me out from the crowd of people … NOT DRAKE himself.  (BTW performers always bring up fans on stage … it’s part of their show.)  It was nothing then and still nothing now,” she typed.

Does Kendrick need his BM to speak out and say he doesn’t beat her?


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