03 Greedo said that he had it all wrong about J. Cole.

In 2018, during an interview on VladTV, the Cali rapper explained why he hated Cole’s music.

“I’m making music for the n*ggas who lost somebody in the system, lost somebody in the streets, n*ggas who want to show they have a heart even though we out here thuggin,’” he said. “He ain’t getting no hair done or haircut. That man look crazy. “

“So he gonna have these young n*ggas that look up to him walkin’ around like that. Got my little nephews and sh*t lookin’ crazy,” added Greedo. “No, n*gga. You should be dressed to impress  … You get you a check, boss up and get dope. We black kings out here. Don’t be walking around here looking like no f*cking smoker.”

But Greedo tweeted that he feels differently these days.


“Dear J.Cole i was 103% inaccurate about you being ?️. You kill every f*ccin feature,” he tweeted on Sunday, May 21. “So id like to take my 2018 statements bacc @JColeNC is top tier I was just trying to express myself believing n*ggas with street images don’t get counted as lyricist.”

Any thoughts about Greedo’s apology? 


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