Welcome back, Zayn, and welcome to Miami. The former One Directioner has gone in an even further different direction for his upcoming sophomore solo album: action star! The video for his sleek, lush new song “Let Me” lets Zayn star in a Scarface remake of sorts, co-starring Scarface’s own Manny Ribera (Steven Bauer) as his shady boss whose model girlfriend (daughter???) Zayn inevitably wants but seemingly can’t have. Except when Bauer offers her to him at the club, which Zayn rejects and a brawl ensues, allowing Zayn to go full Tony Montana (sans the little friend) and single-handedly take out the boss’s entire crew of henchmen with the karate skills he’s suddenly acquired. Well, not entirely by himself. There’s a feminist plot twist! Never say Zayn’s entire existence isn’t for the ladies.

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