After the release of a nostalgic disco sounding single titled  “Overnight,” the finalist of La Voix 6 Yann Brassard, got headlines worldwide for his unique ability to make instrumental sounds by his mouth only. “Overnight” was recorded during quarantine, and the multitalented artist created the instrumental sounds besides the drum parts on his own. 

His new release “Rock Me Over” does not have an interesting story of creation like its predecessor but the feeling it spreads is like nothing you’ve experienced ever before. It still has the nostalgic, disco dance element to it and, in that sense, is a follow up to the vision of “Overnight.” However, sonically “Rock Me Over” rocks the lister’s world more powerfully. It has an intimate, warm vibe that melts your heart instantly and makes you invested in the lyrics and melody wholeheartedly.

As Yann sings, “take me back to the emotion,” “Rock Me Over” brings the emotion back to you with sensational rhythms pouring out of the release. Add to the scene Yann’s multicultural background, a Haitian mother and a Quebecois father, and you can see where the rich cultural and musical heritage of the song comes from. 

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