The stories of Dr. Dre making artists do lines hundreds of times in the studio are famous.

Too Short once said the legendary producer made him say “The p*ssy” for several hours.

Xzibit also talked about Dre making him record a line hundreds of times, which was for his 2002 song “Multiply.” [Jump to the 18:52 mark]

“That took me about two, three hours to get that line,”said the rapper. “Because he wanted me to sound like a down south preacher … ‘I been this way and I can’t stop.’ No. I couldn’t understand why or where he was trying to take me but I wasn’t fighting. He sat there patiently with me like, ‘Nope, try it again.’”

“I was expecting to keep it going and when he said, ‘Play that back. Hold on, I think we got something,'” Xzibit explained later in the interview. “I think maybe four or 500 times. I love the song. I will never forget that part. Even if I have Alzheimer’s I’m still gonna remember, ‘I been this way and I can’t stop.’”

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