The Roots’ Questlove put together a Hip Hop tribute at the Grammys earlier this month, and a bunch of rappers performed briefly on stage.

Scarface was one of them and he performed the Geto Boys‘ signature song “Mind Playing Tricks on Me.”

So, Willie D took offense because he wasn’t included, and he hashed it out with Face on the Geto Boys Reloaded podcast.

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“You feel like you was slighted?” Face asked Willie D.

“Slighted? I feel beyond slighted,” he answered. “First of all, I ask you Wednesday when we left here, I said, ‘What you got for the weekend?’ You said, ‘I’m finna go f*ck with this Grammys thing.’ I said, ‘Alright man, safe travels.’ Because, you know, that’s how we do it. Saturday come, I’m online and an article comes across about the Grammys. And I see ‘Geto Boys and Scarface’ in the lineup.”

“I wanna see where it says ‘Geto Boys, Scarface,’” Face shot back. “I don’t never wanna get Geto Boys and Scarface intertwined ever. Because I don’t need Geto Boys to be Scarface, you feel me? So if it said ‘Geto Boys and Scarface’ or any of that sh*t together, then they wrong for that because I can stand on my own two feet with no Geto Boys.”

But Willie didn’t totally agree with that reasoning.

“If you would have done a Scarface song, that would have been different,” he said. “A Scarface song is a Scarface song. That’s on Scarface’s catalog, not Geto Boys’ catalog. And to do a song that’s from the Geto Boys’ catalog, ‘Mind Playing Tricks on Me,’ a song that I co-wrote and to not have me included [is wrong].”

Did Scarface make the wrong move?


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