Believe it or not, blockchain technology can do more than just create “magic internet money”. The technology behind Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies has the capability to bring back the true underground rave. 

Wired recently published a fascinating piece explaining how we can use blockchain technology in the dance music world. There are now “crypto raves” which use blockchain technology to facilitate everything from guest list management to payment. In simpler terms, the promoters can send out unique codes that act as a ticket for the show. Gone are the days using Facebook groups or secret passwords to access a show. With this technology, the promoters can ensure that only the people that they specifically invited will be there. Each code would be unique the person it was sent to, so you could not cheat the system by sharing your code with a friend. 

Think about it, a promoter could now choose a venue, create a guest list, and pay all the crew, while remaining 100% anonymous. The fear shows being raided and the organizers arrested has certainly caused many to people reconsider throwing a warehouse rave. 

This technology could certainly give the younger generation more opportunities to explore the underground side things. With the way this technology is growing, don’t be surprised when a show like this hits your hometown.

Check out the full article on Wired

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