Ewonee, a producer from Mount Vernon, New York, says he wasn’t paid for a beat that was used by Griselda rapper Estee Nack.

The producer sent his message to Westside Gunn after the Griselda boss tweeted that he paid his producers “very well.” 

But Westside clearly took offense to Ewonee’s tweet.

“U see ladies &gentlemen this how u burn bridges,” wrote Westside. “When I clearly never heard of this man Estee made a record and sent it to me I loved it gave him props asked was everything good I got the thumb up so now u wanna discredit the one who’s goes to bat for all of us to shine and eat.”

“U could’ve came to me if u had a problem homie that’s it!!!” he added. “But to act like a n*gga playing u naaah that’s not culture G especially with me that’s wild disrespectful when all I want is u to shine … This is exactly why I don’t like f*ckin wIth NOBODY that’s not my team bc MFs lack vision so from now don’t nobody send me another beat, I’ll call y’all don’t call me.”

But Ewonee didn’t see things that way.

“No ‘bridge’ was ever built,” the producer tweeted. “I [wasn’t] even credited or made aware I was in that album until I reached out.”

Westside then said he’d simply remove the song and told the producer to contact him offline in the future.


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