Webbie recently paid tribute to the Pimp C with a new photoshoot, but the pictures aren’t going over too well with fans.

On Saturday (4/8), Webbie hit Instagram and shared a picture of himself rocking black jeans, white sneakers, a black fur coat and matching hat.

Under his coat, Webbie had on what looks to be a black wife-beater, but he rolled it up to show off his “Savage Life” tattoo on his stomach.

Fans quickly pointed out that it looked like the Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper was rocking a crop top, and started poking fun at him.

Check it out below.

COLD WORLD 🌎#movie OTW🎥..Izup👆🏽 R.I.P PIMP C 🙏💯@trillentertainment__ @supa_unit #likefatherlikeson 🔥🟨🏌🏽‍♂️ #SweetJonesJr. #SavageLife #BackToDaBubbles


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