In August 2022, a video surfaced of Z-Ro being beaten by Trae The Truth and his crew

Z-Ro said he was jumped, but Trae called it a fair fight. Later, though, additional footage revealed otherwise.

Now, fast forward to April 2023, and one of Z-Ro’s fans confronted Trae at a football game but did it safely from the stands.

[embedded content]

“I’m finna call Trae Tha Truth out. F*ck that muthaf*cker,” said the guy. “It’s all about Z-Ro for life, baby! There his bitch-ass is right there! F*ck you, Trae Tha Truth! Z-Ro for life, baby! You jumped Z-Ro, baby! Come on! Let’s get it!”

Trae can be seen telling the man to come down and say those words to his face. But the guy didn’t stop and kept riding for Z-Ro.

“Mo City to the day I die,” he yelled.

You can check it out above.


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