2017 played well for Martin Garrix but its only 4 days into 2018 and seems like things will be getting real spicy real soon. His collaboration with David Guetta named “So Far Away”  that came out about a month ago & did pretty good. This song was teased by Martin for so long at so many festivals and seems like he’s back again with teasing more new stuff. As you all know, the last few his tracks had that pop & future bass vibe to it, but hardcore Martin Garrix fans will be on their toes when this new track comes out. Seems like he’s going back to his roots with this one.

This new track was premiered at TimeOut 72 festival in Goa, India to a crowd more than 50,000 people. All we can say is that this track sure does bang. Check out the teaser video below:

According to Martin Garrix Hub, this banger is collaboration between Martin Garrix, David Guetta & Brooks. This track will hopefully come out this year & we can’t wait for it. Hope you’re excited for this one as much as we are. Be sure you follow these artists on their socials to stay updated!<

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