2017 was a big year for deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman as well as his techno-based alter ego Testpilot. He got married & also played a Testpilot set at Detroit’s Movement Festival. Before this, his last Testpilot set was with Richie Hawtin back in 2013 at South by Southwest. The below video shows what went down at Movement Festival this year.

Now fastforward to December and Joel just played his first Testpilot set in NYC and seems like it was nothing but total hit. You know he’s not messing around with anything he picks up, so just know where there is Joel, that thing has to be good and on point. But seems like he tried to pull f the most deadmau5 stunt at the NYC show. He basically ended up slamming some beer and cranking up the volume as he decided to play Levels by Avicii. He was shouting “Wait for the drop… Here it comes… It’s coming!” Watch the video below to see it for yourself:

He sure had a blast and so did the audience. Since its 2018 already we can’t wait for what Joel has up his sleeves for his main project as well as Testpilot. We wish him nothing but success for this year!

H/T: EDMSauce

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