Another day, another establishment exposed for being racist.

Earlier this week, a video made its rounds on the Internet two Black women from Missouri being racially priled in Applebee’s after staff assumed they were trying to dash and dine. Alexis Brison wrote on Facebook, “We were told that we were accused eating and not paying for CHICKEN the day before (dining and dashing). Mind you that we have pro that can show our whereabouts and it’s not even in our character to steal.”

She added, “After being mocked, humiliated, and embarrassed we were asked to pay for our food, leave, and not come back. After leaving, calls were made to the restaurant and the manager stated that our accuser remembered that there was a SKINNY girl and a girl who wore MAKEUP. In 2018 is this really what we’re debased to? Our weight and whether or not we wore makeup. She could not recognize any facial features or any defining characteristics. This is a clear example RACIAL PROFILING that should not be stood for. Just because we are black does not mean we are all criminals and I will not be treated as such.”


Folks on social media are not here for the White madness:

Applebee’s has yet to respond, but the women were reportedly asked to never return. Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter to share your thoughts.


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