Vic Mensa has obviously had some time to reflect on his recent decision to challenge Tekashi 6ix9ine to a fight.

In a new interview with TMZ, he claims he was talking about the video game Street Fighter — not an actual street fight.

“Oh man that was all a big misunderstanding,” he says. “I was talking about play me in Street Fighter. I’m just sensitive about the city, man. It’s like Chicago is a city that has a lot of adversity, so I feel like it’s our duty of us that rep the city to protect. But I’m all about peace. I was talking about video games.

I think we gotta put positive energy into the world We don’t want to see young men, young rappers losing their lives and things like what happened to X [XXXTENTACION]. It’s important to put positive energy in the world because negative energy catches up to you.”

Mensa released an Instagram video on Thursday (July 26) challenging 6ix9ine to a fight for disrespecting Chi-Town.

“If he wanna talk about ‘suck my dick’ and all that, fight me then,” he said. “Point blank, see me and these fucking hands. No security. We seen you drive around Chicago with eight police. Shoot the one-on-one. See what happen to you, boy.

“I’ll turn your muthafuckin’ face the color of your hair. So, put up or shut up like your bitch-ass homie.”

Meanwhile, 6ix9ine was in New York City for an episode of The Angie Martinez Show on Thursday after Mensa’s video had made the rounds. When asked about the situation, the rainbow-haired rapper acted like he had no idea who Mensa was.

Regardless, Mensa is ready for a fight — at a video game arena. 

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