Tyler, The Creator brought Childish Gambino out during his Coachella set.

That would have never happened at the beginning of their careers.

“I used to hate that n*gga,” he said from the stage. “Seriously. I don’t know why. I gotta go to therapy to figure it out.”

However, Tyler’s opinion of Donald Glover’s alter-ego improved after he listened to his 2013 album Because of the Internet.

“Then this n*gga put this song called ‘Urn’ out,” he said. “It was so undeniable, n*gga. I was at conflict with myself ’cause I’m like, ‘Fu*k. How could a n*gga that I hate so much be so good?’ And now, the tables have turned and this n*gga barely returns my calls.”

Now that he has Gambino’s attention, would you like to see a collab?


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