G-Unit soldier Tony Yayo came along for 50 Cent’s Final Lap tour.

Together, they played 103 dates and 24 countries.

Yayo discussed the tour during his latest chat with VladTV.

Vlad speculated that 50 brought in $100 million for his trip worldwide.  Yayo said he wasn’t privy to the overall finances of the tour; he just knew that he had made six figures for it.

When Vlad wondered why he didn’t go for more, Yayo explained that he got more than just money out of the experience.

[embedded content]

“I’m making six figures so why would I bother you for more?  Trust me I’m making a great check … when you are staying at the Four Seasons.  You staying at the W,” Yayo said, adding that travelling with 50 is like being in a movie and no expense is spared.


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