Last week, Charleston White got mad at China Mack and went on a hateful rant against Asian people.

“I hate Asians. We don’t give a f*ck about the gays, but I hate Asians,” White said on social.  “Yeah, I hate Chinese people. Sh*t, I don’t give a f*ck about China, man. I hate Chinese people, n*gga. I think Chinese stores should be robbed. I think Chinese women should be raped brutally by big dick, well-hung Black men that hate Chinese women. F*ck China Mac. I think Chinese babies should be raped, n*gga. And killed and used as alligator bait. I think Chinese babies should be killed and sodomized.”

White’s rant stunned social media.

It also caught the attention of the FBI.  White was picked up by the Feds on Monday on reports that he had kidnapped Asian girls.

[embedded content]

“I got picked up by the FBI. While the FBI were picking me up, they was at my momma’s house. Somebody called the FBI with a picture when I bought that M50 two weeks ago. They emailed that picture to the FBI today, with me holding that M50 at the gun store,” White explained.  “And they said that I got Asian girls — now, this what the FBI said they said — they said I got Asian girls held hostage with Glocks, switches and bombs. What they did was, they was watching my Live! ‘Cause they watch my Live all the time.”

Because White hadn’t actually kidnapped anyone the FBI let him go.


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