Ja Morant’s debacle has affected more than just Ja Morant.

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa’s track “Mo Up Front” was supposed to be featured in an upcoming Powerade commercial featuring Ja.

However, Powerade pulled the plug on the ad after the troubled Ja filmed himself waving his gun around a strip club.

While NLE can’t be happy about the lost exposure, he can’t be as angry as Ja himself.

The Grizzlies signed Ja Morant to a 5-year rookie max contract extension before the beginning of the 2022-23 season that guaranteed him $193 million.  That total would bump up to $231 million if Morant makes an All-NBA team this season.

Before Ja’s gun craziness and subsequent suspension, it seemed likely he would at least make third-team All-NBA.

Now there is a good chance he won’t, meaning he’ll be out $38 million.


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