Marvel Studios is not stingy when it comes to compensation. The studio reportedly dished out a few big bucks to actor Seth Carr for playing the kid version on-screen villain Killmonger. According to reports, the 10-year-old banked $1,000 a day during the film’s production. Earlier this month, Black Panther reached historic territory after hitting the […]


Jason Sudeikis plays Coach Larry Snyder in the new movie Race about Jesse Owens defying the odds to make the 1936 Olympic games in Germany, to face f against Adolf Hitler’s vision Aryan supremacy. Jason didn’t play the funny man in this movie instead he’s a coach who is determined to get his athlete to […]


Wakanda Forever is not just a catchy phrase or physical expression. Marvel Studios’ Black Panther movie has continued its record-breaking ways by reaching $1 billion in global box fice sales. Black Panther has become just 1 a select few Hollywood films to hit a billi. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently confirmed plans for a […]


Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy is all about black excellence and lyrical slaughter. Puff Daddy has saluted Royce Da 5’9‘s must-see Hot 97 freestyle. Puffy went to Instagram Thursday (March 8) to shout-out Nickel on his insane bars. Detroit native Big Sean has also shared his strong Royce co-sign. This week, Royce blew minds away […]


Manchester United stars Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba are bringing their Black Panther love onto the soccer field. The duo are making headlines for delivering an epic “Wakanda Forever” salute during a live match. Clips and pics have emerged the duo performing the signature Black Panther celebration at yesterday’s Chelsea game. Both Paul and Jesse […]


Bad Boy Records’ Diddy knows black excellence when he sees it. The hip-hop icon has hit up social media to perfectly describe Marvel Studios’ Black Panther dominating the box fice once again with record-setting sales. Puff Daddy went to Instagram Sunday (February 25) to celebrate Black Panther easily hitting the $700 million mark in less […]


Black Panther continues to put itself on a level never before seen. The film has broken the Marvel Cinematic Universe record for highest-grossing first-week beating out stiff competition from 2012’s The Avengers. According to reports, director Ryan Coogler‘s masterpiece earned $292 million in North America giving it just enough edge to knock out any other […]