La’Darion Chandler was arrested this week in Lakewood, Florida and charged with murdering rival gang member John McGee in December

According to the cops, Chandler didn’t like McGee, 33, was “mean mugging” and shot him in the back.

Then he bragged about the killing in his bars.

 “N-gga tried to run, I hit his back. Thought I shoot like a Mac. Dirt ass dead n-ggas knowing where to find me at.”

Sheriff Grady Judd taunted Chandler at a news conference touting his arrest.

“He’s not much of a rapper,” he said. “But he’s a stupid rapper.”

Chandler wasn’t arrested just because of his bars.  He has an extensive rap sheet, was thought to be at the scene, and got caught pulling a gun on someone in the same area of the shooting.

But the lyrics could be used against him in court since they match the crime


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