Paul Pierce appeared drunk on his former teammate Kevin Gartnett’s NBA Finals watch live stream last week.

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith ripped Pierce for his behavior.

“Things started to go off the rails quickly because fans noticed that Paul Pierce was apparently drunk, or at least his behavior seemed to be that of an individual who was drunk, slurring his speech, and all of this other stuff. There’s certain stuff that you just can’t do, not when you’re working in corporate America, damn sure. Not when you’re working for Disney Don’t act like you didn’t know what the moral clause is. You looked like you had a lot of strippers in your house. You have some weed going on everywhere in, alcohol and all of this other stuff,” Smith said. “And here’s the whole point that really pisses me off.  The fact of the matter is, don’t bring up the hood.  We all from it.  And the fact of the matter is, is that when you out in the hood you doing stuff in front of your house in the streets or whatever the case may be, you ain’t broadcasting it and it’s streaming live over Instagram.”

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