Drake got creative while doubling up on dissing Kendrick Lamar.

In ‘Taylor Made Freestyle,‘ Drake uses AI to have West Coast legends 2Pac and Snoop Dogg encourage Kendrick to diss Drake back while not-so-subtly insulting.  Then  Drake jumps on in his own voice and explains that Taylor Swift is Kendrick Lamar’s new taskmaster and why K.Dot hasn’t responded to Drake’s first diss.

2Pac is dead, so we don’t know what he thinks about having his voice used.  Here’s what Snoop had to say.

“They did what?  When?  How?  Are you sure,” Snoop wondered.  “Everybody calling my phone blowing me up.  What happened? Whats going on?  I’m going back to bed.  Good night.”

Sounds like Snoop isn’t particularly bothered by Drake using his voice.


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