Smoove’L, an up-and-coming artist from New York, has dropped an 11-track mixtape titled Boy From Brooklyn. The project is his first full-length release for Interscope Records.

“It’s a lot of me, a mainstream sound, but real music,” Smoove’L told RealStreetRadio. “Any mood you’re in this project will have something that speaks to you, I swear to God. It’s definitely gonna surpass expectations.”

He added, “I don’t what people think is about to go down with it, but it’s gonna be better than whatever they’re thinking. I’m 100 percent about that. If I was a mainstream artist, somebody like DaBaby, this tape would definitely go No. 1 on Billboard charts. This is a mixtape, but it could just as easily be an album.”

Smoove'L Releases 'Boy From Brooklyn' Mixtape

Smoove’L Speaks On Pop Smoke, His New Interscope Deal & Accidentally Becoming A Drill Star

View Smoove’L’s Boy From Brooklyn stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Smoove'L Releases 'Boy From Brooklyn' Mixtape

1. Facetime
2. Outstanding
3. Focus
4. Ghetto Gospel
5. Undefeated
6. Questionable Love
7. Yippie Yay
8. 2020
9. Just A Dream
10. Temporary Emotions
11. Designer Warz

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