When college football star Shilo Sanders was 15, he assaulted a Focus Academies charter school security guard who took his phone.

Shilo was being disruptive in class when the guard, John Darjean, was called in.  Darjean escorted Shilo to in-school suspension for having a phone.  He also called Shilo’s dad, Deion, who told him to get the phone from Shilo.   Deion was Focus Academy’s CEO at the time.

“You’re my brother in Christ, I need you to go get the phone…as soon as you get the phone from him, give me a call back,” Deion allegedly told Darjean.

When he tried, Shilo assaulted him.  According to the lawsuit Darjean filed, Shilo’s attack caused “severe and permanent injuries including a broken neck, damage to his cervical spine, permanent neurological injuries and irreversible incontinence.” 

He sued and won a $11.9 million.

Shilo has now filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying the settlement.

The 24-year-old is expected to be picked in the 2025 NFL draft.


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