Whether it’s explaining why he doesn’t want to date Kim Kardashian or his reaction to Brittany Renner’s body count, Shannon Sharpe often goes viral for his words and actions.

Today, people are reacting to him shooting his shot at Megan Thee Stallion, which he did while talking to Chad Ochocinco on their podcast Nightcap With Unc & Chino.  

Sharpe got a bit raunchy as well.

[embedded content]

“Her knees good,” he told Ochocinco. “My grandfather used to say they can look down longer than you can look up … But hey, I’ll have her stretched out like a quarter to 3 … I’ll do it to her three ways, Ocho, deep, hard, and continuously. That’s all I got for her, Ocho.”

But Sharpe may not know that Megan has changed her ways recently and doesn’t want to be known as a “Big Ole Freak” anymore.

Now, let’s see if she responds to him in any way.


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