New York, NY – Russ has become a target of ridicule in Hip Hop, especially from artists that typically fall under “SoundCloud rap” banner. After Lil Pump and J. Cole settled their issues, Russ seemed to emerge as public enemy No. 1.

During an interview on The Breakfast Club, the platinum-selling rapper/producer addressed the situation and threatening to share damning footage of one of his antagonists.

“It’s a trend to say that,” he explained when asked about the “Fuck Russ” rallying cry. “If you mention Russ in a negative fashion on Twitter, you’re bound to get more retweets.”

Charlamagne Tha God specifically mentioned Smokepurpp and Yung Bans as some of the new generation rappers criticizing Russ. But Russ flipped the script by revealing he had a video showing one of them catching a beatdown at a festival.

“Those two kids, those are clowns, bro,” he said. “We caught one of them at a festival. That muthafucka knows what time it is.”

Although Russ wouldn’t clarify whether it was Purpp or Bans, he made it clear he was done with the games. If the rapper in question doesn’t stop talking about him, he’s prepared to share the video online.

“I’ma tell you right now, if they respond, they know what time it is,” Russ told Charlamagne. “We got video too. I’ll leak the video of you getting your ass beat, so I suggest you tread carefully. I’m done biting my tongue. As much as people think that I talk, I talk about self-sufficiency and about how I do everything myself and you can do it too.”

Russ doesn’t plan to post the video unless he’s provoked though.

“Don’t make me stoop to y’all’s level where I’ma play the internet game too and have you humiliated,” he noted. “Don’t do that.”

Purpp hasn’t publicly address Russ’ comments, but Bans claims no such video of him exists.

“Y’all know damn well Russ ain’t beat my ass,” Bans wrote on Twitter. “FUCK RUSS.”

Russ is currently promoting his new album Zoo, which dropped last Friday (September 7).

Check out his entire appearance on The Breakfast Club above.

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