Earlier this week, Kanye West apologized to the Jewish people for his past antisemitism.

His words- likely created by ChatGPT and then Google translated into Hebrew- were met with great skepticism, with some speculation that he made the apology to clear a sample.

The Daily Mail is reporting something different. 

Their sources say his wife, Bianca Censori, forced him to say sorry.

“She told him that his recent behavior was unacceptable and that he needs to apologize because he was putting them in danger and setting a horrible example for his children,” The source said.  “Bianca is really sick of his attention-seeking and she knows that this is not who he truly is, but it is making her look like she is anti-Semitic which is so far from the truth. She has many Jewish friends who she loves dearly and he knows this. And now it’s at the point where she is starting to fear for her safety – not because of Kanye hurting her or anything like that. It is more like she fears that a Jewish extremist could potentially do something to hurt both of them.”

Does this sound right?


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