Rising rapper Pronto shakes up the hip-hop scene with his latest release “I’m Done”, a story of backstabbing and betrayal that is so relatable and highly emotional. Seemingly nonchalant in tone, the rapper does a great job of diving into the details, leaving out the drama and keeping it real. Boldly expressing his true self, the artist charms his audience with a charismatic presence and a unique sound that is very much his own. 

Unlike many who enter the music industry with goals of gaining fame or making it big and earning money, for this Tennessean rapper, music carries a therapeutic meaning. He shares: “I started making music because music is my therapy. It was a unique and creative way to get how I really feel out of mind, body and heart and put it out into the world for others. I am starting to find out that my music is also therapy for others.”

Check out Pronto’s “I’m Done” below and follow the artist for more!

Pronto can be found on:  InstagramSpotifyYouTube

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