The “Power” fans might just get a glimpse of the old Ghost when season five arrives. The must-watch series has teased a return to form for Jamie St. Patrick.

On Tuesday, the “Power” social media pages hinted at Ghost having to resume his old street ways to get revenge.

Ghost won’t stop until he’s got revenge. #PowerTV returns July 1. Catch up on the @STARZ App now. pic.twitter.com/96JfYej7Vx

— Power (@Power_STARZ) June 5, 2018

Over the past few days, “Power” has teased fans about big season five plots for a few main stars.

He’s back in with the crew. But can he be trusted? #PowerTV returns July 1. Catch up now on the @STARZ App. pic.twitter.com/6jMBYaNWI0

— Power (@Power_STARZ) May 31, 2018

Can Ghost get vengeance and stay legit? #PowerTV returns July 1. Catch up now on the @STARZ App: https://t.co/EiYmMwlvbr pic.twitter.com/5HwTW7Gy2P

— Power (@Power_STARZ) May 31, 2018

They’re united against a common enemy, but where do their loyalties really lie? #PowerTV is back July 1. Catch up on the @STARZ App now: https://t.co/Ay34fPANta pic.twitter.com/hByO18xjpW

— Power (@Power_STARZ) June 1, 2018

On July 1, all of your questions will be answered. #PowerTV returns in one month on @STARZ. pic.twitter.com/qlfj3ibsb9

— Power (@Power_STARZ) June 1, 2018

Tommy finally has it all — and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep it that way. #PowerTV returns July 1. Catch up on the @STARZ App now. pic.twitter.com/7JOFk75CYf

— Power (@Power_STARZ) May 30, 2018

He may have made it to the top, but how long will it last? #PowerTV returns July1. Catch up on the @STARZ App now. pic.twitter.com/efSe5lyW7j

— Power (@Power_STARZ) May 30, 2018

Angela thought she’d get a clean start. Now she’s got a target on her back. #PowerTV returns July 1. Catch up on the @STARZ App now. pic.twitter.com/uCkUSAGcX3

— Power (@Power_STARZ) May 29, 2018

The life doesn’t stop. And she’ll protect her family at all costs. #PowerTV returns July 1. Catch up on the @STARZ App now. pic.twitter.com/jKHoLmSAiH

— Power (@Power_STARZ) May 29, 2018

Last month, show executive producer 50 Cent acknowledged he predicted his must-see show’s success.

Big ole FACTS ? @50cent @power_starz @lala @JosephSikora4 pic.twitter.com/ZAR95NFdtK

— RealStreetRadio (@sohh) May 5, 2018

Days prior, the “Power” social media pages blessed fans with season five promos.

United in their search for vengeance. #PowerTV pic.twitter.com/otsjjQlOpv

— Power (@Power_STARZ) May 4, 2018

Respect. Legacy. Revenge. #PowerTV Season 5 returns July 1 on @STARZ. pic.twitter.com/BQZHaCKEpd

— Power (@Power_STARZ) May 4, 2018

Tommy looking like he wants Keisha back ??‍♀️?Do we want that or nah??POWER IS BACK…JULY 1st @power_starz WHOS READY‼️ pic.twitter.com/r6UEda56aX

— LA LA (@lala) May 3, 2018

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