It looks like the mother of Offset’s child is out for blood. Nicole Algarin, also known as Shya L’amour, appeared in court on Tuesday (April 14) and accused the Migos rapper of only providing “limited financial support” for their daughter.

Now, Algarin has put the Atlanta native on blast, accusing him of begging her for sex behind Cardi B’s back and withholding money for their child because of her refusal to sleep with him. On Thursday (April 16), Algarin posted a string of texts to her Instagram Stories, which allegedly show the Grammy Award-nominated artist repeatedly asking her for sex.

“Can I have it one more last time?” the text reads. “Wya. Wya. Wya. I’m not asking again cuz if I ignore u. Bro if I ignore u I gone cry.”

The text messages are dated June 2018 months after Offset and Cardi were reported to be married. Cardi was also pregnant with Offset’s baby at the time.

She wrote across the messages, “I was going to refrain from posting but him and his hoe too disrespectful after I’ve been trying to be cordial and empathetic! I found out same time the world did that they was married and he been cut off since then!!! Stop fucking playing with my name!!!”

In another post, Algarin insists she declined to sleep with Offset once she found out he was married.

“Compare dates bitch,” she wrote. “I found out the same time the world did! I would never fuck wit no married man I don’t play with God!!”

When a thirsty Instagram follower took a swipe at her, she replied, “Like I said! Now you know why we’re here. I could have worked his ass and had whatever I want if I wanted to but I PASSED!!! Still shouldn’t take that out on your seed.”

Offset’s Baby Mama Claims He Was Fiending For Sex Behind Cardi B’s Back

Offset Reacts To Cheating Allegations: ‘Don’t Bring None Of That Negativity To My Family’

Offset has been accused of cheating on Cardi multiple times. In fact, cheating allegations led to their temporary split in December 2018.

“I’ve been trying to work things out with my baby father for how many now,” Cardi said at the time “And we’re really good friends and really good business partners. We’ve got a lot of love for each other but things just haven’t been working out for us for a long time. It’s nobody’s fault. I just guess we grew out of love. But we’re not together anymore. I’ll always have a lot of love for him because he is my daughter’s father.”

Offset ultimately wooed Cardi back into his life a few months later and their relationship seemed to be back on course. But last month, Twitter sleuths suggested he was cheating on her once again after he appeared to hide his phone as Cardi was approaching him.

“I know y’all making something outta nothing outta that stream when I was playing a game and my girl came in the room and I grabbed the phone, whatever the hell y’all saying,” he said. “I grabbed the phone, I put it up, I put it back. Come on with that. We got so much negative energy out here in the air, sickness.”

He continued, “Don’t bring none of that negativity to my family. We chilling, man. We ain’t in y’all way. Everything positive. We got investments and big moves coming. Y’all just making something outta nothing. That ain’t ’bout nothing. I don’t be doing no negative nothing.”

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