With Valentine’s Day less than 48 hours away, SOHH had to reach out to Wild ‘n Out star Justina Valentine to get her take on Cupid’s birthday – plus talk about her Eminem-inspired “Just Don’t Give a F*ck” video, Kim Kardashian‘s latest mini-me, a strong Nick Cannon co-sign and much more in an unforgettable “5 W’s With…” chat!

1. Who – is your super, duper dream Valentine’s Day date? If there’s that special somebody you get a one-day date pass with, who are you going with?

My super duper dream Valentine’s Day date would have to be Cardi B because she seems like she would be a really good time. I’m sure she would provide the bloody shoes and I think we would just paint the town red na schayin! Cardi B…. Justina Valentine… Sounds like schmoney!!!!

2. What – is the weirdest advice you’ve ever received from Nick Cannon?

I don’t know if Nick has given me weird advice but he definitely gave me a lot props when I dropped my FEMEMIN mixtape. He told me it was fire and to keep working bc it was super dope. One might think that’s weird because cuz I think he kinda has a little beef with Eminem. But yeah, the advice he gave me was keep poppin that shit out because it was DOPE as f*ck.

3. Where – do you stand in the binge-culture? With so much content on streaming giants like Netflix and Hulu, are you about that life or trying to avoid it?

Honestly I was never really a huge TV watcher until I got on TV myself. And then I was like, Ahh I got to watch myself! So basically I only watch the shows that I am on. In all seriousness I am still not a huge TV head, but I do have my shows like POWER, Shameless, The Deuce and my newest obsession that my boy Tonio Skits put me on to is How to get away with Murder. I asked him what good new show on Netflix I should check out and he told me about this show. It was already 3 seasons deep and I think I lost like 4 days my life because I watched 3 seasons with 15 episodes in each season. So yea I watched like 45 hours straight tv. But normally don’t binge too heavy like I said, I mostly watch the shows I am on and then my select favs, and then I just keep it pumpin. I’d rather be filmin than watchin.

4. When – did you find out Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their new baby Chicago West? You gotta give us your take on the latest baby West and course an opinion on North and Saint West, too!

I’m not even going to lie, I didn’t know that Kim and Kanye had a 3rd baby. Is that Bad? Am I living under a rock? I just saw Kim’s nude photos on Instagram yesterday and she’s slaying the f*ck out life. Like baby where? Like when and where did she have a 3rd baby? She looks too good to just had a 3rd baby, unless she had it like a year ago and I am just like f*cking lost in my rabbit whole Wild ‘N Out that I just don’t even know that Kim and Kanye had another baby. How dare I! But my take on their babies, West and Saint is just they are born into pop culture royalty, you really can’t go wrong with a dad like Kanye and a mom like Kim. So I think their babies are set for life, alright! They are the definition being able to do whatever the fuck you want to do. You want to be a singer, actor, mogul? They can do what they want. God Bless them! ALSOOO I should have added, now that I know they had a 3rd baby Chicago West, I think Chicago is actually a dope name. I don’t know many people wit that name and being that Kanye is from the Windy City, I like it.

5. Why – did you have to slay so hard on your new “Just Don’t Give a F*ck” Feminem] music video? It’s super dope and keep it 100 – did some douche really hit you with that wack social media comment?

Why thank-you! Yeah I had to go and and do it on ’em for the new “Just Don’t Give a F*ck” music video f my FEMEINEM mixtape. I really appreciate it and I am glad you guys liked it. And basically what it was, was keeping it 100. And to keep it in true Eminem fashion, just destroying myself and calling out all the things people can and do say about me before they do it. So just making fun my looks, I dress like a stripper, I should change my hair, you don’t like my chin, I can’t rap, I’m a girl, I’m white, Blah Blah Blah, so on and so forth. Calling out all your own flaws and weaknesses is very EMINEM-esq and basically stating things that haters will say about you before they could even say it. But yeah, some douche bags really do hit me with those wack social media comments. Ya know, with a lot love and with people knowing who you are and as your celebrity grows, so do the haters and the bad comments and so on and so forth. It just goes hand in hand but I’ve worked too hard and put my time in, blood, sweat, tears, energy, every piece me, so I know I am a real artist through and through. I wrote my own lyrics and I really live the sh*t and live my artistry so there isn’t really anything anyone can say to me to hurt me. So basically, I say all that in the song…you can say this, that, and the third about me… but I JUST DON’T GIVE A F*CK.

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