Nick Cannon has worn plenty of hats in his career and being a rapper has been one of them. His first album came out in 2003 on Jive Records.

But now, Cannon — who’s mostly known for fathering a bunch of children these days — said he’s done making rap albums and explained why he’s not impressed with the art form.

“I feel like even when I started I was evolving as a musician, you know, everything from production, being a piano guy, guitar, playing various instruments and stuff. I was always on that,” he told HipHopDX. “So when people make fun of me, I don’t care, anybody can do that. I’m not impressed by anybody who can rhyme words together. TikTok has proven anyone can do it.”

But is rapping merely rhyming words together? Some would probably say there’s a lot more to it.

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