New EP from Annabel Allum: All that for whatUK singer-songwriter Annabel Allum has just released her second EP titled All That For What.  Note that the title has no question mark. [Not a note to myself]. She is not asking for your opinion but rather already knows the answer.

These songs are passionate, vibrant, self-assured and defiant. If you want a little controlled, succinct, earnest and heartfelt aural application in your life then look no further. The EP clocks in at under 15 minutes and consists of four tracks, the first two of which have been released as singles. The tracks are as follows:

  1. “Rich Backgrounds” – Straight in with the F word just to keep you on your toes. A fuzzy, feedback-filled stomper to kick off proceedings. A proclamation of self-assuredness against people that can’t hack people eating from packets. Sounds like Courtney Barnett at her most rocky.
  2. “Eat Greens” – The fuzzy guitars remain for a confessional about the party lifestyle, enjoying and wanting to give it up at the same time. ‘Don’t put your trust in me, I’m doing my own thing’, Annabel earnestly states, whether the resulting action causes any regrets or not. Sounds like an early PJ Harvey (with much better production).
  3. “Picture On Picture” – On first listen this was the song that grabbed me the most. A slower more retrospective number that really highlights Annabel’s voice. A lovely bluesy warble is evident and the vocal just oozes hot butter over the musical toast. A deep yearning is present within and really raises the level of this EP, displaying a lovely contrast with the previous two tracks. Sounds like She Keeps Bees in their quieter moments.
  4. “Spit” – More retrospective musings of a cathartic nature. Just vocal and guitar are evident here, giving the song a more personal feel. This is the first song that almost lets the listener in under the armour, the defiance and defence having almost disappeared, but the resilience is still there. ‘I know I’m wrong most of the time but you don’t have to tell me all the time’.

This is a wonderful EP and has made me very excited about future releases. Anything that reminds me of Courtney Barnett, PJ Harvey and She Keeps Bees within three songs is always going to be a winner in my book. ‘Success is the only thing I’ve got to make, without it I know I will break’ Annabel sings on “Spit” and with any luck, this is a huge step in keeping her whole. Check this out NOW!

All That For What is out now.

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New EP from Annabel Allum: All that for what