A couple of days ago, NBA YoungBoy’s baby’s mother, Arcola, said she was kidnapped while on Live, but now she’s saying it was all a big joke.

“Somebody help me,” she said after claiming to be placed in a trunk.  “Oh my God.  Oh my God you guys help me.  I just got kidnapped. I can’t breathe in this car.  It won’t let me pull the latch.”

Even before saying the whole thing was a gag, people compared Arcola to Carlee Russell, the Alabama woman who said she was kidnapped last year after finding a baby on the side of the road.

But Arcola said she’s nothing like Russell because she never called the cops. She then chastised her followers for the comparison and said they just don’t understand her brand of comedy.


“I never called the police. That’s the difference. I never got on Live and said ‘Call the police,’ I said ‘call my mom,'” she said on Live. “If you don’t understand my sense of humor, that’s on you but yeah, I do need to stop playing like that. Lesson learned from this situation. I will never play like that again.”

What do you think about Arcola’s explanation?


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