NBA Youngboy clearly has plenty of influence, mostly among rap’s younger generation.

But if the Baton Rouge rapper had it his way, he’d rather be rich instead of a major rap figure.

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“I just wanna be paid,” said Youngboy during an interview with Rap Radar. “I don’t know but I think this whole music thing, like every aspect of it, like it’s all ignorance. I just wanna be paid. I don’t care about all that extra sh*t. I just wanna be paid and stay out the way.”

Youngboy talked about his problem with the music industry as well.

“No matter if I got two dollars, there’s actually somebody making four off of my creation,” he explained. “So until I get the business down pat like to where I done built my own team, like I don’t need no label, like this whole system is what I’ve built and this all I need to get everything I want from out of it, I’ll be cool … I want every dime. I want every dime that my creation brings.”


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