NYC-based hip-hop artist Miranda Writes releases debut single “Too Blessed” and this wicked lyricism is catching the attention of many. The undertone of this song is to say that “you can” while the world always says it isn’t possible. Thankfully, Miranda believed it was. She has spent many years writing but was not being heard. As she has always loved music and has an ear for the right beat , she decided to place her words over a rhythm. From this moment onwards, a new hip-hop royal was born and has shared her blessings with us in her new single.

Miranda mixes the genes of old school hip-hop, rock, pop and EDM to create a unique sound, captivating music addicts from all over the world. With the perfectly timed release into the beginning of summer, everyone must remember they are “too blessed to be super stressed”.

Today,  Miranda Writes has also given us a visual accompaniment to the track giving fans yet another reason to feel “Too Blessed”.

Keep up with Miranda and her alluring new releases to be posted through her Instagram and Twitter and check out the new lyric video below.


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