NYC has always been a hotbed of soul, and Miranda Glory – Tommy Boy Entertainment’s newest budding talent – is no exception. Her new single “Blue Eyes (feat. Matty Owens)” was just released, and it’s nothing short of a baby-making banger. Drawing influences from legends such as Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye, Miranda Glory is helping to revive a new generation of passionate music.

“’Blue Eyes (feat. Matty Owens)’ feels like the first time I’m showing a lighter, more romantic side of myself,” she explains. “A lot of my music tends to be the soundtrack to broken hearts, but this song is all about completely losing touch with reality when you’re with somebody. It was so nice to write about the more effortless, positive parts of love for a change.”

Check out “Blue Eyes (feat. Matty Owens)” below and warm your soul with all the good vibes.

Miranda Glory Drops Stunner “Blue Eyes (feat. Matty Owens)”