Takeoff was killed in Houston during a dice game hosted by the Prince family.

J. Prince Jr. notoriously stepped over Takeoff’s body after he was shot and there has long been talk that the shooter is tied to the Prince family and that the Prince family may have posted his bail.

Prince family member Mike just did the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.  During the chat, he discussed Takeoff’s killing and got emotional

“We all family,” Mike Prince said, and began crying.  “And just to see the way that my family is being portrayed about someone we care about and love also as a brothers. That’s some disrespect.  That’s why I want to enlighten the world.  Ya’ll get it messed up.  Because we  messed about this too.  One of ours was took that night.  All respect to Takeoff’s family.  Because we love him and respect him too … We don’t move like that.  We don’t have any out of bounds clown sh*t going on in our family.”

Do you buy that emotion?


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