Katt Williams didn’t mention Mike Epps when he dissed many his fellow comedians during that viral Shannon Sharpe interview

But Epps still reacted while doing standup and claimed that Williams wore a fake Fendi jacket.

“It’s f*cked up, man,” he said. “He just should’ve worn something different. That lil’ hat, he had the hat on. And that fake Fendi jacket. That’s my n*gga, though, that’s my n*gga.”

The 53-year-old got some backlash for dissing Katt, so he later posted a photo of him on Instagram and said all is copacetic between them.

“I put all these mfs on and still putting comics on today none of yall brave enough or care enough to work with him or come around him stop making this sh*t so bad we comedians,” wrote Epps on Instagram. “I put him in a movie when no one wanted to work with him some of that sh*t he said was true and some of it was not.”

“At the end of the day we all black men in a business that is not OURS,” he added. “I cracked on his jacket because that’s what comics do all this sh*t is marketing dummies all the sh*t he said and y’all mad at me 😂😂get the f*ck outta here we having fun y’all stressing.”


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