Tired staying indoors? Need a reason to get out this weekend? Gotta see a new movie?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should get out to see the new Maze Runner: The Death Cure movie right now! Make sure to read each reason and check out an early screening in select cities!]

Reason 1: The Series Finale

If you’re a fan this series like I am, it felt like an eternity for this movie to finally come. Now that it is finally here, don’t wait to get out and see this one. The whole series has built up to this moment. Will Thomas save his friend Minho, or will WCKD have it’s way and finally get there ‘cure’ they’ve been looking for. Remember, the kids were the one’s who are to find the cure.

Reason 2: Questions Will Be Answered

What is the end game for WCKD? Why go through so much effort to borderline test these kids to death. What was so special about Thomas that he felt he needed to volunteer to go into the maze? All these questions should and will be answered in this one. Remember, WCKD is good? Are they?

Reason 3: Look Of A Good Popcorn Flick

Looking for a good date night movie with bae? This may be the one up your alley because all these movies have been entertaining and for sure worth the price admission. Again, I am usually against whatever Rotten Tomatoes says and I feel that way 100% about this franchise. Dinner and Maze Runner with bae, do it.

Reason 4: Why Did Teresa Turn On Thomas

At the end the Scorch Trials, we saw Teresa hand over the entire crew to WCKD. We know she and Thomas worked with WCKD before being thrown in the maze, but why was Thomas able to break the hold but Teresa couldn’t resist. What don’t we know about her past? As Thomas and his crew get ready to chase down WCKD in their territory, are they ready for what’s coming? Go to the movie and find out, like I will be.

Heists. Shoot ’em up moments. Twists. This is everything you could hope for in an action movie.

Reason 5: Closure

Although the book series, has one more left, a trilogy seemed the best way to go with this series. Everything that could be pulled out this series on the big screen seems to be already out there. This series picked a great time to call it done. It’s not competing with another major movie, and should be a box fice draw. Make sure if you are into this series, get out there and support this one. I would say see you at the movies, but let’s be real, I doubt any you are out here in North Dakota. There’s not very many times I say go out and support a movie. This one I will though, big time. If you are looking for an entertaining night at the movies, with some actions, zombies (possibly) and some explosions, check this one out. The Maze Runner series has been fun, give it the send f it deserves, with you all at the movies. I know I’m excited.

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