Master P’s business practices have been called into question by Fat Trel, Jess Hilarious, Kodak Black, 50 Cent, Young Junne, Slay Sean, and his own son Romeo.

P denies he’s been shady with money and contracts.  But he was willing to point the dirty stick at someone else.

In a chat with The Gauds Show, Master P revealed that he advised Meek Mill against signing with Rick Ross because Ross didn’t have his business right.

“I was Meek Mill’s manager. My and James, when he first started,” P revealed.  “So, let me tell you why I stopped. I knew that Meek was talented, at the beginning. We had that song. I was like, ‘Meek, you don’t need to sign with nobody.’ Meek was like, ‘I’m gonna sing with Ross.’ I had looked at the contract, and Ross, tell y’all from this day, Ross a good dude. But he ain’t have his business straight. “So, at that time—Ross got his sh*t together now. He a boss. But I’m sayin’, at that time you involving, I seen it.  I had the crystal ball, but Meek ain’t want to listen.”

Over the past couple of years, Meek has expressed anger at all of his record contracts, including his one with Ross, and has claimed he’s never been paid for any music.


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