Julio Foolio was shot and killed last month in a Tampa Holiday Inn parking lot while celebrating his 26th birthday.

When Foolio was killed, he had Jacksonville beef with Yungeen Ace, who continued to diss him after he was dead.

Now we have a masked man claiming Ace put a 10K bounty on Julio’s head and he was more than happy to murder Foolio and take the money.

“From everything I love.  From my soul, from my kids, I’m the one that smacked Julio Foolio that night that he got dropped at his birthday celebration, bro.  I ain’t gonna show my face and give my identity away or nothing like that.  But I did that.  There was money on his head.  I rock with Ace and them.  ATK.  I be in Jacksonville heavy.  You know, you know … Ace had that 10K up, told me to slide because he got tired of that n*gga running his mouth all the time.  It had to be done … I’m about that money, anybody can get that … Ace put that bread me up.  Whoever want to take it, take it.  And I took it.  Rest in peace, Foolio,” he said.

Is this really the person who killed Foolio confessing to his crime?


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