Brooklyn rapper Lola Brooke spoke highly of GloRilla and Lil’ Kim while being interviewed by TMZ. 

She also talked about the “F.N.F.” rapper performing during the Grammys 50 years of Hip Hop tribute.

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” I feel like I won too ’cause she’s winning,” said Brooke of GloRilla. “If she can do it then we all could do it… GloRilla and her friends [are] legendary. They’re all f*cking legendary. I f*ck with it. I vibe with it.”

Brooke spoke about Lil’ Kim after that and addressed that she wasn’t included in the Hip Hop tribute. 

“Yo, Kim, call me,” said Brooke. “If you need me, I got you. I got your back. Don’t even trip about it. She’s the greatest. She’s the biggest … She don’t need anything. I’ll give her her flowers if she needs them. It’s all good.”


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