Renowned artist Loe Shimmy drops a brand new single titled “Wake Em Up”, a small and compact piece that packs a punch. Running a little over two minutes, “Wake Em Up” carries out Shimmy’s signature style and showcases his most unique vibe. It’s impossible not to enjoy the booming beats that are low and powerful as well as the chill, minimal melody that is the main theme. Of course, Shimmy’s rapping is absolutely stunning, seemingly emotionless but so razor-sharp!

“Wake Em Up” features a fascinating music video shot by Killerjack. It depicts the artist within various urban settings, doing exactly what we love to see him do – rapping!

Loe Shimmy’s most popular pieces include “TNT” with over 350K streams, “scarz”, “tina”, “broken”, and so on. Make sure to give “Wake Em Up” a watch down below!

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