TikTok star Bobbi Althoff got some shine for her interviews with Drake and Lil Yachty.

The interviews were very awkward, which is Bobbi’s brand.

Then things got really awkward when Drake invited her to his show in LA.  She was filmed looking like she’d rather be anywhere but there, and shortly after Drake and Althoff unfollowed each other on social and deleted their interview.

Now she’s also fallen out with Yachty after she called him “awkward” in an interview.

“I walked into his house and it was super awkward because he’s really kind of awkward.  I’ve heard that going into it.  But me with another awkward person,” she said.

Boat reacted to that in the comments.

“Look another white woman tricked Hip Hop,” he typed.  “She come alive around her own people.”

Was HIp Hop tricked or is this an elaborate skit in which Drake, Yachty and Bobbi are all in on.


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